Svetupe Manor Complex

The designers themselves have named this place a multifunctional center, where in the first,  the so-calleda main building, there is planned a restaurant with a terrace overlooking the Svētupe river, a museum in the eastern part where it will be possible to view old cars, historical evidence about Libyans and also information about A/S "Brīvais Vilnis". And on the second floor above the restaurant, there is an administrative part for the restaurant - changing rooms, facilities, an additional kitchen, for  the complex is rather big. In the eastern part of the second floor, there is being planned a place- an interesting concept camper and mountain lodge hotel, although it is seasonal and can be transformed at any time. A third floor has been built for the main building, which historically has not been there, where a hotel with six rooms will be located. Inventory storage, ventilation systems and storage are planned in the second building, as well as for artists so-called.backstage. Rest and changing rooms are planned on the second floor .Last but not least important building is dedicated to homemakers. At the moment, no specific home manufacturer has been approached, but it is planned that it could be a place for the preparation and packaging of various products. The windows of the third building are lowered in order to always be in relation to the participants of the organized events (markets, concerts, etc.).The second floor is also planned as a place that can be adapted to various events and interests.

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Address: "Svētupes muiža", Svētciems
Phone number: +371 29364022
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