Skiing on the sea

In winter, Latvia's wide beaches turn into almost endlessly long skiing routes .Salacgriva region alone offers you more than 50 km long continuously changing ski route, which on sunny winter days can give your face the long-awaited tan, several hours of time for sporty meditation and a charge for new challenges.

 Speaking More specifically, we recommend exploring the map - the section from Tūja to Veczemju cliffs or Vitrupe is excellent (evaluating the thickness of the ice and staying as close as possible to the shore, you will slide most smoothly on the rocky sections of the seashore), from Salacgrīva Fishermen's Park to Kuiviži if you want to go north) or from the southern pier of Salacgiva to Svētciems (if you are heading in the southern direction), from Ainaži pier to Randu meadows.

Evaluate how long distance you want to cover and see in which direction the wind will blow - let the wind blow from behind and let it glide well!. If your road will not be circular, but linear - back to the starting point You can be taken by the local taxi.

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