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The Museum of Salacgrīva

 About Salacgriva County Museum.


Salacgriva museum was founded in 1998 and it is the centre of local history for locals, tourists and historians. The museum collects and analyses historical information on fishing and fishermen of the seacoast of North Vidzeme and Lower Salaca river, the ancient lamprey fishing with weirs, on the history of Svētciems and Vecsalaca manors (Salacgriva has formed on the former lands of these manors), economical and political life of the area, nearby schools, churches and congregations, and, last, but not least - locals who have become well known in Latvia and the world in the fields of pedagogy, science, culture and arts, entrepreneurship and politics. 


Exhibitions and expositions

The permanent exhibition Zutiņš murdā (Lamprey in the fish pot) is a story about the history and traditions of lamprey fishing on Vidzeme coast, about the method of lamprey fishing with weirs, when a dam or tacis is built across the river and the lamprey is caught not with a fish pot, but puņģis. This ancient type of lamprey fishing can nowadays be found only here, in Salacgriva district, on the Salaca and Svētupe rivers. This is a story on the main emphasis on 3 most valuable fish species in Salaca river and the sea - lamprey, salmon and eels. 


The museum also offers :

*Seeing a movie No eglēm līdz nēģiem (20 min) (From spruce to lamprey) and gaining a notion on lamprey fishing in the Salaca river;

*Fixing an old photograph - to assemble a puzzle on lamprey and lamprey fishing; 

*Build it yourself - buiding a lamprey fishing dam or tacis;

*Weave a line in a rag carpet;

*Take a picture in the retro photo saloon of the museum (NB Bring your own camera!);

*Hear the story of the guide, join the discussion and conversation during the museum visit!



Entrance fee

Pre-school children


Local seniors




Employees of other museums


Pupils, students and seniors

0,60 EUR


1,00 EUR


To visit the museum outside the working hours, please call +37164071981

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