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Salacgriva Bridge

The center bridge dates back to 1956, when the Minsk Bridge Construction Bureau did drilling and carried out research to begin planning and design work. The construction of the bridge itself started on February 18, 1959, the construction manager was Kaņepe, who also built a bridge over the Gauja in Carnikava and Līgatne and on the Pskov highway. Concreting of supports, especially the 4th and 6th, was difficult, but the weather conditions for the bridge builders in the first year of work were very favorable.The winter of 1959/60 was cold and with a low water level in the river, the ice froze early and in the spring it went out late. 

The builders have managed to put all the beams on the bridge until the ice leaves.Many residents of Salacgriva used them to cross the river when there was no other way to cross it.The cement for the bridge was brought from Brocēni, the stones were obtained here in the Salaca seashore.A total of about 50 workers and various technical units were employed in the construction.The bridge also had its own power plant.The construction of the supports alone cost 1 million roubles, but the whole bridge - 4.5 million.(From the collections of the Salacgriva Museum).Thanks to Salacgriva Museum for information and photos!


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