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Lat: 57.756348, Lon: 24.356443

Salacgriva lighthouse

The lighthouse of Salacgrīva is located on the right bank of the river Salaca - it is a quadrangular white tower with a red lantern and it was built in 1925. Today the lighthouse does not operate anymore - following this lighthose, all fishermen have already found their way home and the story has ended happily. The lighthouse was built, because in early 20th century, due to the numerous sandbanks the coast between Salacgrīva and Ainaži was considered to be the most dangerous area for sailing in the whole Gulf of Riga - at those times they said that [...] the lighthouse would have a great importance in the lives of the fishermen of that area, as they would know the road to Salacgriva when returning from fishing [...]. I can`t imagine anyone who wouldn`t want to ba able to find his way home in a windy night on the sea! 

Today the lighthouse is considered as the unofficial symbol of Salacgriva and it is the right place for meeting! A great place to drink tea in the warm nights of spring and follow the setting of the sun, to have a cup of coffee early in the morning while watching fishermen check their fishing nets in the estuary of Salaca river or to contemplate on the people on the other bank of the river who seem to be taking pictures on the background of the Ferryman statue. 

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Address: Salacgrīva, Krīperu iela