Atrašanās vieta
Lat: 57.8411848, Lon: 24.4856316

Red cliffs

We ourselves think that here in Salacgrīva district we have the greatest number of red cliffs – on the Salaca river, at the Lībiešu sacred caves on the Svētupe river, on the rocky  seaside of Vidzeme and on the banks of Vitrupe.

You will find the Red cliffs on Salaca river nearby the iron bridge in Mērnieki. It is a sandstone slope that stretches more than 400 meters along the Salaca river. The slope is 10 meters high, which is more than enough to reveal the magnificent beauty of the river in the sunset. On both banks of the Salaca river at least 3 km below the Red cliffs other sandstone outcrops can be found – on the right bank a rock spillage stack and Upeskalna cliffs, a little more further - Zvīguļi cliffs. After some 2.8 km the 150m long and 4-5m high Junču cliffs appear, further the Rostu cliffs with a few caves and exposures.

To discover this beauty yourself, you simply need to find the right start and finish line for the boat trip, pack your bag with something to eat and some tea, make a call to one of the boat, canoe and raft rent places in Salacgrīva and – voila! Your adventure is waiting for you!

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