Atrašanās vieta
Lat: 57.756702, Lon: 24.360424

Our Lady of Refuge Orthodox Church

Vecsalaca Orthodox Church is located in Salacgriva. It was built from 1871 to 1872, consecrated on April 15, 1873.
After 1917 The Orthodox Church went through difficult times and from the ruling church became oppressed . In 1923 the Church of Vecasalaca parish was robbed. Gilded cult vessels were stolen. The perpetrators were not found, and the police thought that the thief was a good connoisseur of the church.
During the German period the Christian congregation suffered material losses. In 1942, A. Rosenberg, the Baltic Reich Commissioner, ordered to remove the non-ferrous metal bells necessary for the manufacturing of cannon bullets. There was a paradox - Lutheran and Catholic churches had only one bell but Orthodox churches had several.
The Germans decided not to make suffer Catholics and Lutherans depriving them of their only bell, then deprive the Orthodox of all, saying that no one should suffer, so that the Orthodox do not hurt others with their bell sounds.
Thanks to Salacgriva Museum for information and photos!
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