Atrašanās vieta
Lat: 57.7518236, Lon: 24.3557795


Do you still remember the boring excursions from your childhood - rushing from one point of interest to the other, getting lost among the year numbers and not really being there? Well, we do remember! Keeping that in mind, we have created an orienteering route - a walk through Salacgriva - that will not only let you see the most interesting objects of the town, but ask you to be witty while finding answers to the questions in each of these places. We have to warn you though - you may need to apply your knowledge in mathematics, your creative spirit and some physical strength as well. 

The orienteering map was created with an aim to make this trip more interesting not only for adults but also for children. If going on excursions does not usually excite your offspring, trust us - this orienteering will be fun for them as well. Such excursion will give you more freedom - you can limit the speed of your walk, as well as choose your priorities - even if that would mean having a picnic near the sea before finding the next object. 

The maps for orienteering can be received in Salacgriva tourist information centre, where you will always be greeted with a smile. We welcome you!

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