North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve

North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve is the only specially protected nature territory of its kind in Latvia. It is a vast area where internationally important natural and landscape values are preserved by ensuring sustainable social and economic development. In order to radically improve the ecological situation in the Salaca river basin and the North Vidzeme coast of the Gulf of Riga, as well as to create preconditions for the organization of a biosphere reserve in this territory, on 26.03.1990 the Council of Ministers adopted Decision No. 75 "On the Establishment of the North Vidzeme Regional Nature Protection Complex and Measures for the Organization of the Biosphere Reserve". The boundaries of the ZVRDAK territory are determined by the Salaca River and its catchment area, which is the most important salmon spawning ground on the eastern side of the Baltic Sea basin. Scientist A.Melluma, poet J.Peters and biologist I.Emsis took part in the establishment of ZVRDAK. On December 11,1997 the Saeima passed a law on the North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve (ZBR). On 15 December 1997, it was declared  a nature conservation area of international importance within the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB).

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