Nature trails on the coast of Vidzeme

The guide of nature trails on the Vidzeme coast is useful for everyone who wants to go in nature, enjoy shorter or longer walks, get to know the diversity of Vidzeme coast nature - sea, dunes, lakes, rivers, meadows, forests, swamps and animals and plants found there.

The guide provides information on 21 nature trails on the coast of Vidzeme, excluding the 1,200 km long Jūrtaku, which stretches along the Baltic coast from Nida in Lithuania to Tallinn in Estonia, and the Green Railways sections.

You can go on nature trails in all seasons and discover the special beauty, diversity and magic of nature in each of them.Nature trails will allow you to get to know all of Vidzemecoastal areas and settlements.

Enjoy active recreation in nature on the coast of Vidzeme!

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