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Lat: 57.467541, Lon: 24.435698

Liepupe Lutheran Church

Liepupe (Pernigele) Church is built in the period from 1777 till 1783. The church is extraordinary with its peculiar location of bell tower - on the side. Therefore the altar is not at the edge of the church, but in the centre. The pulpit is above the altar, and the pastor during the service stands in the middle of congregation. Church bell was moulded already in 1634, but the organ was obtained in 1834. On November 29th, 1971 there was a fire in the church. Baroque style church equipment, organ and archive were burnt. In 1989 the renovation was started. On May 22nd, 1999 restored church was sanctified.

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Address: Jelgavkrasti
Phone number: +371 28671264