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Lat: 57.541702, Lon: 24.362503

Ķurmrags lighthouse

The Ķurmrags lighthouse is located on the Ķurmrags foreland. It is the most pronounced foreland in the Vidzeme part of the Gulf of Rīga. It was built in 1924. In the storm of 1967 it was destroyed and its light was switched off. It was originally located on the highest part of the shore but during the storm of 2005 it was washed into the sea, where it still stands away a few metres offshore. 

Since the light of the lighthouse was turned off, it was on its way - around the 1980s the lighthouse was inclined in the middle of a coastal landslide and to this day it has already "traveled" a few meters from the shore slope towards the sea. The lighthouse is located at the very end of Ķurmrags and is well visible from afar.  It is worth visiting the Ķurmrags lighthouse now - knowing that it has been on the move for the last 50 years, it is thought that this wandering lighthouse will not stop at what has been achieved.

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