IK "Ledus Oga"

IK “Ledus Oga” - in November of 2016, during a conversation Kristīne Ozola's mother Līga told her daughter about the possibility for young people to receive financing to start a business. Since the current owner of "Ice Berriy" has had an idea for her business for some time, she decided that this is the right time to realize it. Of course, first you had to figure out exactly what to do, the options were different, but in the end it was decided that ice cream would be produced. Kristīne tells about her idea to make  home-made ice cream,  because in Salacgriva region, which is big enough, there was no such ice cream. If there was a producer in our region who has already done that, then it would not make sense to start it, but, as it was not, I saw a free niche in this area. It could also be profitable to produce and sell ice cream, because in summer, and especially during the Positivus festival, there are a lot of people here and many passers-by also stop in Salacgriva. The name of the company "Ice Berry" was suggested to Kristine by a friend, she liked it and decided in favor of it.When both the idea and the name were invented, K. Ozola wrote a business plan, submitted it to the competition “Youth business plan competition for starting a business in Salacgriva region”.Salacgriva region supported the idea of a young woman, therefore on December 28, 2016 IK “Ledus Oga” was established. At the beginning of the company, it was possible to buy 5 types of ice cream and two types of sorbets.

Currently, the range of "Ice Berries" includes 12 types of ice cream - chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, wild strawberry, blueberry, tiramisu, mohito, lime - yogurt, mint, maracuja, egg liqueur and yuzu (citrus) and 4 types of sorbet - orange, pineapple, cherry and lemon. All sorbers are made from juices. Ice cream is available in 200 ml or 400 ml containers.



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Address: "Apiņi", Salacgrīvas pag., Limbažu novads
Phone number: +371 29136634; (Līga) +371 20629585; (Kristīne)
Email: ledusoga@gmail.com
Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/ledusoga/