Dabas maize/natural bread

Excursion groups and creative workshops are not accepteg at the moment.

Excursion, workshop "Dabas maize"( Natural Bread)

In Liene confectionary you can listen to the story of baking pure bread from natural ingredients, for love and joy to bake what people like. During the time of excursion it is possible to taste different types of bread varieties and find out how a real scalded rye bread is made after a special Liene's recipe You can also taste herbal tea and coffee. It is also possible to buy your favourite "Dabas maize" product.

Minimal number of persons for the excursion -15, maximal number - 40

A fee for a person - 3,50 €

Creative Workshop "My Natural Bread"

Excursion to the natural bread workshop can be perfectly suplemented by all family and friendstaking part in creation of their own loaf of bread. Get it directly from the oven when it's hot and sweet-scented and take it with you!

Minimal number of persons - 10, maximal number - 20

A fee for a person-5,00 €

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