Bricklayer's stable

A new stable that started its operation in March 2022.The main value is the horses, but you can also see other domestic animals - rabbits, dwarf goats and dwarf sheep (you will probably be able to pet them, feed them with treats and take photos).

In the Bricklayer's stable you will be able:

  • Horseback riding (both in the area, on the field, and to the sea);
  • Riding training (offers training for different ages and skill levels, but children who could be taken to competitions in the future are most welcome);
  • Photo sessions (possibility to go outside the stable for a photo session as well);
  • Participation in children's parties (a very suitable horse for children's parties - Sugar);
  • Also offers accommodation for a horse (if you have a horse, but no place to keep it).

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Address: "Mūrnieki", Salacgrīvas pag.
Phone number: +371 26119179 (Zanda); +371 26513129 (Aldis)
Homepage: Facebook: Mūrnieku Stallis