Baltic Coastal Hiking

Jūrtaka is a part of the long-distance hiking route E9 along the Baltic Sea coast, which starts at the Lithuanian-Latvian border in the village of Nida in Latvia and ends at the port of Tallinn in Estonia, the route can covered in both directions and Tallinn can also be a starting point.The trail is divided into days and levels of difficulty, which allows everyone to choose the most suitable distance.Vidzeme seacoast, in terms of landscapes and views, is the most diverse section of Jūrtaka in Latvia, which has both sandy and rocky beaches, coastal meadows, reeds, dunes, sandstone outcrops, forests, capes and small bays, fishing villages, taverns, small river estuaries.

Carnikava and Salacgriva are famous for lampreys, which are prepared according to special recipes of local fishermen.
In Dunte you can see the museum of the famous story teller Baron Munchausen. Randu meadows are an important place for bird migration and nesting.
Shortly before Estonia, the route leads along forest trails to bypass the grassy and reedy coast line.


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