Ancient lamprey weir

Lamprey weir is a traditional and unique type of fishing, but lamprey fishing in the world is not widespread, so what you can see here in Latvia, Salacgriva, you may not see anywhere else in the world.
Only in Salacgriva nowadays the weir is used- a traditional and unique way of fishing that reaches hundreds of years back. The weir is a special footbridge from which the lamprey baskets are immersed in the stream and so goes the fishing. Every year before the fishing season the fishermen build the weir from scratch, using spruce timber that has been prepared several years earlier. The whole construction is held together with tiebacks- no nails or bolts are used. In summer time it's both pleasnat and romantic on the river, but in autumn and winter lamprey fishing is a rough fight for the fishing place because if it's destroyed in one of winter's tough storms, it can be rebuilt only in next year.
The lamprey fishing takes place from August to February. During this time you can go to see the Salacgriva lamprey weir, taste the locally cooked lamprey, or just have a great time at one of the calmest rivers of Latvia - the Salaca.
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Address: Meldru iela 18, Salacgrīva