A trip with the Cutter Valhalla

A trip with the cutter Valhalla is a royal and magnificent choice for your special life event - a birthday, wedding, anniversary or celebrating a meeting with old friends. The port of Kuivižu is available to everyone who wants to have unforgettable impressions and gracefully spend time on the water. A boat trip is the perfect way to relax, to recharge your batteries and stay away from the daily rush or enjoy the sunset at the sea.


  • 30 minutes - 30.00 ER;
  • 1 hour without Jobe inflatable camerar 60 EUR;
  • 1 hour with the use of a Jobe camera 80 EUR.
Number of persons that can be accommodated, 7 adults + - 3 children up to 12 years of age.
 Advance registration is required.


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Address: Pērnavas iela 49A
Phone number: +37129990001
Email: kuterisvalhalla@gmail.com
Homepage: Facebook: Izbrauciens ar kuteri Valhalla, Instagram: izbrauciens_ar_kuteri_valhalla