Here are fish!

For those who want freshly caught, freshly smoked or specially cooked fish, below you will find the telephone numbers of local people who have direct contact with the Mother Sea and whose home is never short of fish.We know that you understand, but let us remind you again - fish need to be booked in advance - so that they will be in the best quality and freshness.

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#1 "Pūcītes"

‘’Pūcītes’’ offer a guided tour with participation. During the tour you will get to know different fish species and learn how to clean and smoke them.’’ Pūcītes’’ have a rest area with a shed, table and chairs. You can order and buy fish by contacting the host in advance.

On Fridays and Saturdays you can buy different fish products at the fish kiosk on the right bank of the Salaca. ( Salacgriva, Viļņu street No 1)