Wild strawberries

Find a place which is further from the roads. For this we suggest to go in the inland of Salacgrīva municipality, where there are lots of forests and meadows. Just look underfoot and walk into the green. Concentrate on the colour red and look for the berries. It is worth it!

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#1 Vējavas

If you are determined to rest from the  big city bustle and noise, enjoy the sun and the sea, breathe in the scent of the pine forest, witness the lamprey fishing in Svētupe river, go pick mushrooms, take a ride with a bike or with skis in the winter, in the spring like to be carried away by the high waters of Svētupe river, feel the scent of freshly smoked fish, then you must plan your holidays either with friends or family, and go to the sunset seashore – ‘’Vējavas’’. ‘


#2 Svetupes

‘’Svētupes’’ is one of the places where you can feel the nearby nature, at the same time forget yourself and  be carried away. The hosts know the special aura of ‘’Svētupes’’ and they are able to help their guests to feel like a part of the nature paradise – if you want, the host will lead you to the best places to pick berries and show you which mushrooms are edible and which not.