We have the sea and rivers so you’ll find a place  to swim!

For all the nature children – if you are looking for a swim in a quiet, misty summer evening, in a morning when the river is smoking in the sunrise, or in the sunset burning sea – you’ll find sandy beaches and swimming places everywhere. We have an interesting geology where you’ll find a sandy beach. But if you are snorkeling or diving,we suggest you to look for a place that is not marked on the map.

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#1 Salacgrīvas left coast beach

The beach of Salaca left bank - right here, nearby the town!

In addition to the pleasures of the beach waters, there is located children's playground.


#2 Svētciems beach

Here you’ll find peace and quiet, a sandy beach and Svētupe.


#3 Tūja beach

In Tūja beach you’ll find lots of activities, companions for a frisbee game and watching of sunsets. Here you can also lay in the sand only some 30 steps away from a very special garden. The stones here, the same as the owner of the garden, have a special energy – it must be like this from the fresh sea air.


#4 Ainazu beach

Who said that it is not possible to relax and enjoy the  Ainazu beach water?

This is the place to enjoy the sea, the sun and just rest after an exhausting day or walk along the sea.