Svētciems - Ainaži. (Section 30.)

The beach between Svētciems village and Salacgrīva is thickly overgrown, so the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route continues on a forest trail meandering among the dunes. To get from Salacgrīva to Kuiviži, you can take the sandy beach or forest trails. From Kuiviži to the Vēverupe River, you have to bypass the Randu Meadows via a forest road located on the east side of the A1 road. After passing the Vēverupe River, the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route returns to a thickly overgrown beach and then leaves it next to the estuary of the Blusupīte River to reach Ainaži Pier by going along Kāpu and Valdemāra iela. You have covered ~ 580 km in Latvia and reached the state border.

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#1 The Museum of Salacgrīva

Salacgriva museum was founded in 1998 andit is the centre of local history for locals, tourists and historians. Information on fishing and fishermen of the seacoast of North Vidzeme and Lower Salaca river, the ancient lamprey fishing with weirs, on the history of Svētciems and Vecsalaca manors and more... 


#2 The promenade in Salacgriva

Following a pragmatic approach - to protect the shores of Salaca river from erosion - the fathers of the county decided to build the promenade. As time passed, the locals brought rocks to the town and the promenade was made! Although such description seems to fit a situation a couple of hundreds of years back, this is not the case - the promenade was opened in May of 2014. 


#3 Alley of fame

On July 16, 2016, a "alley of fame" was opened on the promenade. The author of the idea is D.Strauberg and the work at it started 7 years ago, when the first artist handprints werw taken during the Positivus festival.


#4 Salacgriva lighthouse

The lighthouse of Salacgrīva is located on the right bank of the river Salaca - it is a quadrangular white tower with a red lantern and it was built in 1925. Today the lighthouse does not operate anymore - following this lighthose, all fishermen have already found their way home and the story has ended happily. The lighthouse was built, because due to the numerous sandbanks the coast between Salacgrīva and Ainaži was considered to be the most dangerous area for sailing in the whole Gulf of Riga.


#5 Wall panno "Lighthouses of Latvia"

The wall panno "The Lighthouses of Latvia" can be seen in the foyer of s/c "Brīvais Vilnis".

The ceramic panno called "Home" was made in 1986 and was created by the ceramist Imants Klīdzējs. The map, bending along the natural curve of the earth, occupies an area of the wall  of 3.5 x 7.2 m.


#6 The legend of Salaca castle mound

It’s impossible to say how old Salacgrīva really is. The most ancient place is considered the castle mound on the right bank of Salaca river.


#7 The lamprey weir

It’s best to taste the lamprey in Salacgrīva from August untill February, where your host will cook it for you on a hot coal. Only in Salacgrīva novadays the weir is used – a traditional and unique way of fishing that reaches hundreds of years back...


#8 Randu medows

The trail leads to a bird watching tower through meadows and a dune adjoining them, covered by pine wood and lance. In some places, wooden plank-way simply alternates with a well-marked foot path. The Randu Meadows are the only seaside meadows in Latvia with such a large diversity of habitats and plant species. Almost all coastal habitats characteristic for Latvia can be found here, including the largest complex of seaside meadows and lagoons.


#9 Ainažu Fire Fighting museum

The Ainaži Volunteer Firefighters' Association has been operating in Ainaži, this small seaside and border town, for 95 years. Its members not only fight fires, but preserve their traditions. 


#10 Museum of Ainaži Naval School

The compact and idyllic town Ainaži is the cradle of seafaring in Latvia. Today, in the very centre of it, proudly stands the witness of the ancient seafaring of Latvia - Museum of Ainaži Naval School. Here, in a classroom by the blackboard the guests of the museum are greeted by the head of the longstanding naval school, captain Kristiāns Dāls. He does not say much - as we know well, waxwork is not particularly talkative. 


#11 Ainaži Northern pier

Water all around but you - still on land? This is what the Ainaži Northern pier is for – here you can enjoy the eternal cinema of nature – sunset – with shows every evening and every season.