Salacgriva Municipality

Salacgrīva Region is one of the best places ever. It is an undiscovered gem of Latvia just a 40-minute drive away from Riga, and it is one of the greenest regions in Latvia. The region is the place where the sun shines the brightest and the wind spins the snow on the frozen river and sea into swirls the strongest. There is no city rush here, and the locals are proud to repeat that over and over again – they know their wealth is comprised of the beauty of the nature and calmness of the countryside. Whenever you are ready, they’ll share it with you, too!
Salacgrīva is located in the north of Latvia, in the place where the most magnificent river in Northern Vidzeme - Salaca reaches the Gulf of Riga. The name of the town precisely characterizes its place of location - at the mouth of Salaca. As early as in the 5th- 6th century there was a settlement of ancient Livs, the present evidence of the fact is the ancient castle mound. Salacgrīva as a small village started to develop around the year 1870 along with the flourishing of coastal shipping. In 1928 Salacgrīva was assigned the rights of the town. Salacgrīva and its rural territory is crossed  by the transit main road Via Baltica, there is a port at the mouth of Salaca, the neighborhood has extensive network of roads, there are large industrial objects. Salacgrīva is famous for its fish processing company A/S "Brīvais Vilnis", it  is well-known in many countries by its delicious fish products. Salacgriva Municipality consists of Ainaži town and rural territory and of  Liepupe parish.

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