Salacgriva region is a beautiful place - probably the most beautiful region in Latvia, where there are opportunities to have a great rest with whole family. 

Get to know the nature of Salacgriva region, tourist objects, creative activities, active recreation offers for families - with us you can spend your free time actively, excitingly and gain new impressions by going on adventures with children.
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#1 Mini Kuiviž zoo

Mini Kuiviž Zoo - a place to relax with family and friends.

Here you will have a great opportunity to get to know the animals, pamper and feed them, as well as take the friendly ponies for a walk.


#2 Jumping attractions

Children's birthday or family reunion is approaching, and you haven’t yet decided what exciting way of spending time to offer to your children? Jumping Attractions will be exactly what you need.


#3 Children`s playgrounds

Playgrounds for children are often their second home where most of their free time is spent and first struggles are withstood while defending their own toys. Children`s playgrounds in Salacgriva municipality have been created for and are available to all age groups. All equipment of these playgrounds has been chosen to animate their fantasy and creative thinking as well as help kids not only to develop their coordination and agility, but also strength and endurance. 


#4 Tale park of Munchausen

If you are strong enough and inquisitive, a walk in Munchausen`s forest will be perfect for you...