Salacgriva pearls of cultural history

Ranging from lamprey fishing to pranks of Baron Munchausen, from the beginnings of seafaring to real battles with sea waves - we have prepared a breathtaking journey to our magnificent objects of cultural history, which will take you deeper into the history or Salacgriva region. 

Our greatest cultural and historical objects - IN ONE DAY!


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#1 The Museum of Salacgrīva

Salacgriva museum was founded in 1998 andit is the centre of local history for locals, tourists and historians. Information on fishing and fishermen of the seacoast of North Vidzeme and Lower Salaca river, the ancient lamprey fishing with weirs, on the history of Svētciems and Vecsalaca manors and more... 


#2 The lamprey weir

It’s best to taste the lamprey in Salacgrīva from August untill February, where your host will cook it for you on a hot coal. Only in Salacgrīva novadays the weir is used – a traditional and unique way of fishing that reaches hundreds of years back...


#3 Excursion in Ainaži

Ainaži is a charming seaside town with a long history, which permeates the proximity to the sea, seafaring and the radiance that they bring. Many historic buildings with special stories about each of them. The places where a pub has been, alcohol smugglers have lived and our own Romeo and Juliet story has taken place will be shown to you during a special excursion that will be lead by the local Ambassador of Ainaži city.


#4 Veczemju cliffs

You’ve probably heard of the Vidzeme rocky seacoast – it is a 12km long section of the seacoast and the only place in the Baltic Sea where on the seacoast you can see sandstone exposures. 


#5 Munchausen`s museum

The Munchausen`s museum revives the legend of the unbelievable adventures of Hieronymus Karl Friedrich von Munchausen. 


#6 Munchausen`s giant beer jug

Regardless of whether you love beer or not, you should definitely see the biggest beer jug of baron Munchausen!