One day in Salacgriva region for you and your family

The route "One day in Salacgriva region for you and your family" is suitable for beautiful, sunny and not so cold winter days, because the route will take you along beautiful and miraculous trails, along the most picturesque part of Salacgriva region coast, entice to climb on skates and watch the scenery from a distance of 14 m height!

Munchausen's Forest Trail - the longest aspen tree trail in Europe. The trail leads through the Vidzeme wetland forest, it has 3 lengths for different levels of visitors readiness: the longest trail is 4,3 km long, the medium is 3,4 km long and the shortest is only 1.0 km long. The longest trail will take you to the very sea!

Orientation in Salacgriva will allow you to get to know the most remarkable places of Salacgriva through various tasks!Before you visit us - print out your map here:

What will be the most beautiful and exciting ending  of your one day visit in Salacgriva region? Sunset over Kuiviži beach from Kuiviži view tower!

Before going on this route, you will also have to plan some time yourself, because the fishing park skating rink is available by registration, because the maximum number of visitors on the ice is set up. Calculate the approximate time you need and apply for your time at the skating rink! (P.S. The rink is available until the cold pampers us).

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#1 Munchausen`s museum

The Munchausen`s museum revives the legend of the unbelievable adventures of Hieronymus Karl Friedrich von Munchausen. 


#2 Veczemju cliffs

You’ve probably heard of the Vidzeme rocky seacoast – it is a 12km long section of the seacoast and the only place in the Baltic Sea where on the seacoast you can see sandstone exposures. 



Do you still remember the boring excursions from your childhood - rushing from one point of interest to the other, getting lost among the year numbers and not really being there? Well, we do remember! Keeping that in mind, we have created an orienteering route - a walk through Salacgriva - that will not only let you see the most interesting objects of the town, but ask you to be witty while finding answers to the questions in each of these places.


#4 Kuiviži watchtower

Kuiviži watch tower is 14 m high. Climbing the tower built of solid trees, a surreal feeling takes over - the view offers a wonderful landscape - the sea, small yachts, the port, the recreation complex "Kapteiņu osta", Kuiviži apartment houses and the highway.