Lauči - Tūja. (Section 28.)

This section of the seacoast of Vidzeme is of outstanding scenic beauty with a lot of rocky capes and boulders in the sea alternating with small, sandy coves where the small streams and rivulets, which dry out in summer, flow into. Occasionally, the beach is completely covered with the gray backs of stones. In some places, small patches of reeds appear, while near Tūja you will see the first sandstone outcrops.

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#1 The world of Baron Munchausen

Baron Munchausen was a prank master. We know him also as a magician, who has created a whole world in Dunte which reminds of his unbelievable heroics. As the name of the place suggests, it is a whole different world, which, once entered, will keep you occupied throughout the day. This is a place that will leave inspired and ready for further adventures.