Landscapes to be captured

Are you one of those people who love to capture beautiful moments in pictures?

Below you will find our pearls!

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#1 Ainaži Northern pier

Water all around but you - still on land? This is what the Ainaži Northern pier is for – here you can enjoy the eternal cinema of nature – sunset – with shows every evening and every season. 


#2 Bird watching

You are able to see and count most of the birds in the Randu meadows - a trail and a bird watching tower is waiting for you!


#3 Red cliffs

You will find the Red cliffs on Salaca river nearby the iron bridge in Mērnieki. It is a sandstone slope that stretches more than 400 meters along the Salaca river. The slope is 10 meters high, which is more than enough to reveal the magnificent beauty of the river in the sunset.


#4 Northern forests

On a bicycle to reach an oak tree as big that it is not enough with two people`s hands to encircle it? On your way to reach a pedestrian-only bridge over Salaca river and cliffs as red as can be?

Of course!


#5 Veczemju cliffs

You’ve probably heard of the Vidzeme rocky seacoast – it is a 12km long section of the seacoast and the only place in the Baltic Sea where on the seacoast you can see sandstone exposures. 


#6 Wild strawberries

Find a place which is further from the roads. For this we suggest to go in the inland of Salacgrīva municipality where there are lots of forests and meadows. Just look underfoot and walk into the green. Concentrate on the colour red and look for the berries. It is worth it!


#7 100 swans beach

It is a rare phenomenon when all eyes on the place where the animals like to congregate. When such magnificent creatures as swans for their place of residence choose the beach accessible to all, we just have to be happy that it is so cool here that even swans like to linger. Here, where the beach is rocky and with appropriate depth, they have the best lunch offer!