Kuiviži harbor

3 km north of Salacgrīva the harbor of Kuiviži is located. The making of Kuiviži harbor is a special story – in 1860, longing for their own harbor, some 60 local fishermen deepened the mouth of Krišupīte river only using showels, thereby creating the aquatorium of Kuiviži harbor. Almost like the fairy tale which speaks of the times when animals were digging the Daugava river – truth or not, but after that Krišupīte rivermouth was deep enough to harbour the fishermens boats.

Nowadays Kuiviži harbor is not deepened by showels – its visitors are people who love wind, waves and the reflection of the sun in the water. Kuiviži harbour is perfectly suited for yachtsmen and sailors, while in the morning the local fishermen are unloading their early catching on the nearby berths. 

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