Kuiviži alley

If you take a walk or  bike from Salacgrīva to Kuiviži, it’s worth it to stop and take a look at the Salacgrīva Fishermen’s park where for several years already the loved festival Positivus takes place. If you choose to go further to Kuiviži, go ahead, but if the strong sea wind bites too much, go back in the leeside, where the bikeway will lead you to the recreation complex ‘’Kapteiņu osta’’.

In the ‘’Il Capitano’’ restaurant you can enjoy tasty lunch or warm yourself with a cup of herbal tea. In the Kuiviži port you can watch fishermen in action, going in the sea for the catch or taking it to the shore. From the pier you can see the little wharf of Kuiviži port. If the wind has calmed down, you can go back to Salacgrīva along the beach. You’ll be positively charged when you get back to Salacgrīva, because the fresh air, scent of the pines and rustle of the sea is the power of the nature we have in abundance.

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#1 Positivus open-air stage

The proud gringos have named it the Positivus venue. When the grass is not trempeld by 35 000 music lovers, this is a great place for active recreation. Whether it's winter, when you can come here to ski and skate, or summer when you can come here for a run, play soccer, tennis, basketball, organize a competition for cone-target-throwing or build sand castles, the area of 13.5 hectares is the right place to feel free! 


#2 100 swans beach

It is a rare phenomenon when all eyes on the place where the animals like to congregate. When such magnificent creatures as swans for their place of residence choose the beach accessible to all, we just have to be happy that it is so cool here that even swans like to linger. Here, where the beach is rocky and with appropriate depth, they have the best lunch offer!


#3 Kuivižu beach

If you want a peaceful and smooth walk, then you'll find this on the Kuivizu beach.


#4 Mini Kuiviž zoo

Mini Kuiviž Zoo - a place to relax with family and friends.

Here you will have a great opportunity to get to know the animals, pamper and feed them, as well as take the friendly ponies for a walk.


#5 Kuiviži watchtower

Kuiviži watch tower is 14 m high. Climbing the tower built of solid trees, a surreal feeling takes over - the view offers a wonderful landscape - the sea, small yachts, the port, the recreation complex "Kapteiņu osta", Kuiviži apartment houses and the highway.