Historical cognitive routes

Take a walk or go by car or bicycle and get acquainted with the tourist objects and lesser known places of Salacgriva region, which have a greater or lesser role in our history and following your imagination, gain new and unforgettable impressions of historical times with us.

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#1 Along the historical trails

The route "Along the Historical Trails" provides an opportunity to look into history of Salacgriva town. The route will lead through the town, starting from Riga Street, which has always played an important role in the social and cultural life of the town.



The route provides an opportunity to look into the various historical heritage of Salacgriva and the region, get to know the unique historical evidence and learn about known and lesser-known tourist attractions - which have played a greater or lesser role in the history of our towns.


#3 Beginnings of seafaring

Where to look for the beginnings of Latvian seafaring? A great place to starti s Ainaži – a charming little seaside town which in the 19th century was one of the most important sailor and seafaring town in the Baltics. You’ll find the messengers of those times everywhwere.