Here, marked on a map, you will find Wi-Fi access points in Salacgriva municipality. 

You will also find internet in:

  • Salacgrīva library, Sila str. 2, Salacgrīva
  • Ainažu library, Parka str. 16, Ainaži
  • Tūjas library, Liedaga str. 8-13, Tūja
  • Korģenes library, Zītaru str. 2, Korģene
  • BENU pharmacy, Rīgas str. 8, Salacgrīva
  • Shop Maxima X, Vidzemes str. 3a, Salacgrīva 
  • Statoil gas station, Viļņu str. 4, Salacgrīva
  • Shop "Sāga", Valdemāra str. 55, Ainaži
  • Shop "Vērdiņš", Liedaga str. 11, Tūja


Tell others

#1 Milleri

Camping ‘’Milleri’’ is located on the Rīga – Salacgrīva besides the highway VIA Baltica. The maximum room in the camping is 60 persons. Distance from the camping to the sea is only 200 m.


#2 Building of DUDU nests

DUDU nests are unique - implementation of childhood dreams of your very own tree house!


#3 Captain`s haven

If the busy daily rhytm makes the time goes by unnoticed and you want to break free from the city hubbub, then we’ll help to stop time enjoying the magic of ‘’Kapteiņu osta’’ at the Baltic sea cost, 100 km from Rīga.


#4 Kosisi

The Holiday House is available for rent only as a whole unit. It is suitable for families with children and their friends, as well as for summer holiday camps.

On the ground floor of the Holiday House there is a fireplace, a relaxation space, a kitchen with a large dining table in the middle. The downstairs living area has a sound system and a projector. There is also a Satellite TV and a Wireless Internet connection. The kitchen has an electric cooker, an oven, a dishwasher, a fridge and a microwave. There are also dishes and other cooking materials available for a maximum of 30 people.


#5 Hesburger

It is pleasant to meet friends in our restaurants or to simply enjoy a cup of coffee. We offer tasty burgers and salads in a clean and friendly environment.



In the of the Rīga – Ainaži highway, where the peacefull country merges with the hurry of the international traffic vein, is located the one and only roadside tavern in Latvia or even in the Baltic states, which is built inside a log cattle-shed.


#7 Rakari

In the restaurant ‘’Rakari’’ – the sea, sun, wind and tasty dishes.


#8 Krimalnieki

Camping ‘’Krimalnieki’’ is located in Tūja, in the Salacgrīva district. The territory, which spans for 3 ha, is located just on the sea coast, the lenght of it along the coast – 600 m. 200 places for tents are available, parking place for 300 cars, 35 equiped campfire places, as well as services for campers and trailers. 


#9 Jūrasdzeņi

The camping ‘’Jūrasdzeņi’’ is located on the Baltic seacoast, where,from the Zaķupe river mouth begins the Vidzeme stony seacoast. Unofficialy it is known as the Tūja swimming place. The most characteristic objects are the old stone pier and the parking place just at the seacoast.


#10 Roķi

An historical fishermens house, which is fully restored and made to fit the demands of novadays, but retaining the good aura of the old house and the testimonies of days past.


#11 Liepupes manor

The Liepupe manor is one of the most outstanding baroque architectural monuments in Latvia.    

In the course of time and different occurrences it has experienced glory days and oblivion.

Thanks to the caring owners, the manor has regained its ancient beauty and pride, reflecting the sense that is inherent to its times.