For sailors

If you tow in Captain`s haven, renting a bicycle on the spot might turn out easier than tying your own shoelaces. A safe cycling lane, which is separate from the highway, connects Kuiviži and Salacgriva - an idyllic coastal town, where lots of fresh air and wind in ones hair is easy to find. 

If you take a break in sailing in Salacgriva, call one of the bicycle rentals and off you go! It is a matter of honor to pedal the Three bridges route - a 6.5 km long ride along Salaca river. The road will first take you on the picturesque Krasta street - on your way you should definitely see the Naborigama kiln and, if you wish to stretch your legs properly, you should definitely use the opportunities that are provided by the outdoor sports ground on Krasta str.40B. Later on you will cross Jaunupe river and then - Salaca across the historic Ferroconcrete bridge of Annasmuiža. Make sure to make an appointment with the well-known ceramist Imants Klīdzējs, stop by the Salaca lamprey weir and show up on the Bocmanis square. 

This is the place to pause and overthink your plans - it might be a lunch in one of the town`s cafes or taverns, a visit in Salacgriva museum, an exciting nature workshop in nature education centre "Ziemeļvidzeme", which will be great for adults as well or a visit in one of the small craft shops of town. There are lots of opportunities - choose the ones that fit your mood the best :)

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#1 The lamprey weir

It’s best to taste the lamprey in Salacgrīva from August untill February, where your host will cook it for you on a hot coal. Only in Salacgrīva novadays the weir is used – a traditional and unique way of fishing that reaches hundreds of years back...


#2 Captain`s haven

If the busy daily rhytm makes the time goes by unnoticed and you want to break free from the city hubbub, then we’ll help to stop time enjoying the magic of ‘’Kapteiņu osta’’ at the Baltic sea cost, 100 km from Rīga.


#3 Ferroconcrete bridge in Annasmuiža

Ferroconcrete bridge in Annasmuiža the first ferroconcrete bridge in the Baltic States was built in 1908, but  founded in June 1909. It had a great importance in the development of traffic routes in the Salaca region, because in the centre of Salacgriva there was only a ferry at that time.