For Positivus visitors

When you feel like having a rest and taking a break from the festival parties, we welcome you into the town! Below you’ll find a complete must- a to–do-list that has been created especially for you for this occasion.

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#1 Ainaži Northern pier

Water all around but you - still on land? This is what the Ainaži Northern pier is for – here you can enjoy the eternal cinema of nature – sunset – with shows every evening and every season. 


#2 Walking to Estonia

Border cities have a special charm. The feeling behind it - knowing that it takes one more step to find yourelfe in a different country.

During the Soviet period, locals from Ainaži crossed the border regularly - they were heading 10 m into Estonia to the shop of Ikla to buy... Sugar! Yes, as it turns out, it was considerably cheaper there! Today, such trip "abroad" can be performed by you, but you do not have to buy sugar - why not replace it with ice cream?


#3 The lamprey weir

It’s best to taste the lamprey in Salacgrīva from August untill February, where your host will cook it for you on a hot coal. Only in Salacgrīva novadays the weir is used – a traditional and unique way of fishing that reaches hundreds of years back...



Yes, we know – you have spent too much time in the office and, although you don`t really feel like admitting it, you could use some active time. For those who are more active, there are 6 bicycle rentals in the district, so that our guests can take a leisurely ride and enjoy the nature, the sea and the charm of the town.



Give it some thought and I think you will agree that sometimes it is more convenient to leave your car keys at home. How will you reach your aim, then? By taxi, of course!


#6 Wakeboard

Would you like to have a look at the river Salaca from a different angle? Now you have such possibility - in the very centre of Salacgriva, you can have a ride on wakeboard.


#7 For sailors

No matter where you tow your boat - in Salacgriva or Kuiviži, it is worth taking a look around!

If you tow in Captain`s haven, renting a bicycle on the spot might turn out easier than tying your own shoelaces. But, if you take a break in sailing in Salacgriva...