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#1 Mini Kuiviž zoo

Mini Kuiviž Zoo - a place to relax with family and friends.

Here you will have a great opportunity to get to know the animals, pamper and feed them, as well as take the friendly ponies for a walk.


#2 Bricklayer's stable

A new stable that started its operation in March 2022.The main value is the horses, but you can also see other domestic animals - rabbits, dwarf goats and dwarf sheep (you will probably be able to pet them, feed them with treats and take photos).


#3 Jumping attractions

Children's birthday or family reunion is approaching, and you haven’t yet decided what exciting way of spending time to offer to your children? Jumping Attractions will be exactly what you need.


#4 The world of Baron Munchausen

Baron Munchausen was a prank master. We know him also as a magician, who has created a whole world in Dunte which reminds of his unbelievable heroics. As the name of the place suggests, it is a whole different world, which, once entered, will keep you occupied throughout the day. This is a place that will leave inspired and ready for further adventures.