Do sports in Salacgrīva

A big advantage of small towns is the closeness of the nature, and where else the step for running is lighter than in a green district with lots of water! Here you can walk, bike, run, go sticking and run across the three bridges as well as play football in the Fishermen's park. You can play football in the beach as well as beach volleyball.

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#1 Outdoor sports ground

Doing sports in nature is a pure pleasure. We love active people - that is the reason why in Salacgriva town, on the left bank of Salaca river, you will find the heaven of outdoor sports. Here you will find the small football field, two voleyball fields, streetball field, swings for the youngest and a trampoline. In warm summer nights this place is full of life, as the pile of bicycles that have been thrown on each other, illustrates. 

Feel free to join - there must be at least one free space in the volleyball team!


#2 Play beach volleyball

The summer can`t be imagined without the warm sand of our beaches and beach volleyball. It is all that is needed for a careless day at the beach, enjoying the heat of the sun and some cooling off in sea. There is a reason why beach volleyball is called the most passionate and trendy game in the world.


The water in the sea can be incredibly cold, but southern winds predominate in Salacgriva region, therefore there is no need to worry – the sea will always be nearby and it is worth to go for a swim after the game is finished.


#3 Wakeboard

Would you like to have a look at the river Salaca from a different angle? Now you have such possibility - in the very centre of Salacgriva, you can have a ride on wakeboard.


#4 Skiing on the sea

The vast beaches of Latvia turn into endless skiing tracksnin winter. Salacgriva county itself brings you more than 50 km ofninteresting, continuously changing skiing tracks that can give yournface the so-wanted tan on sunny winter days, several hours ofnsporty meditation and inspiration for newnchallenges.