There are several quality car service centres in Salacgriva municipality, ready to take care of your car. Choose the one that is the closest and most suitable and leave your car with professionals!

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#4 "Pārnesums" car service centre

Were you heading for holidays in Ainaži area, but got surprised by some technical difficulties with your car? No worries, this car service centre will get to back on the road! 


#5 "Silnieki" car service station

Having a good time in Salacgriva, but experience unexpected trouble with your car? No worries - contact the car service centre - your car will be taken care of. 


#6 Car service station

This car service centre will be of great help, especially if you are on holidays and your car is facing technical difficulties. 


#7 Car workshop

A car service station that will take professional care of your vehicle!