Ainaži-a small town charm

Ainaži is a charming seaside town with a long history, which is permeated by the proximity of the sea, seafaring and its splendor. The walking route "Ainaži - the charm of a small town" allows you to walk and see Ainaži Northern pier, which used to play a very important role in the city's economic life, Veide castle, built by a shipowner and captain Mārtiņš Veide -representative  of one of the most influential families, as well as indulge in the silence and peace of Ainaži.

Download (on the left) the route guide, which will give you a small insight into each place and object on the route.

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#1 Ainaži Northern pier

Water all around but you - still on land? This is what the Ainaži Northern pier is for – here you can enjoy the eternal cinema of nature – sunset – with shows every evening and every season. 


#2 Lighthouse in Ainaži across the old road

The lighthouse was built in 1930. It is 22.8 m high and is located on a hill at the former narrow gauge railroad and until today it shows the way to the seafarers. It is located opposite the old road that once led to the Ainaži harbor – ar in the old days when our grand-grand-grand-fathers lived in Ainaži the narrow gauge railroad lead straight to the pier of the Ainaži port.


#3 Veide castle

Veide Castle was built in 1902. It was built by a ship owner and captain Mārtiņš Veide -representative of the most influential family of Ainaži town at that time. The building today is one of the most visible in Ainaži.


#4 St. Arsenuis Ortodox Church

Ortodox Congregation began to function in Ainaži in 1889. There always have been few representatives of Russian nationality in Ainaži town. But a long time ago the Russian tsar promised to give land to those people who would accept ortodox religion. And so many latvians and estonians became the members of ortodox church.


#5 Monument "The White Sun"

The memorial stone “White Sun” was created by the sculptor Vilnis Titāns as a tribute to Krišjānis Valdemārs - the founder of the Ainaži Naval School. The memorial site was unveiled in 1998. 


#6 Ainazu beach

Who said that it is not possible to relax and enjoy the  Ainazu beach water?

This is the place to enjoy the sea, the sun and just rest after an exhausting day or walk along the sea.