Let's go in the Salaca

It is spring time, the sun is shining, the grass is green and the desire to be in nature is really unbeatable.
What to do?

Let's go in the  Salaca - or Salaca boating event is the right place to be and the right adventure to go!

Within 5 hours you can reach the Salaca stage with "catchy" tasks.

Start - 11:00 from the Red Rocks (registration from 10:30 at the venue)Finish - 17:00 Niedru Street 9, Vecsalaca (Inspection building).

Apply for participation by May 11, 14:00, by writing to visitsalacgriva@limbazunovads.lv, indicating the name, surname of the team captain and his telephone number.As well as the name of the team.

We invite teams of 2-3 people to participate in the adventure (the number of boats is limited)We expect from you a participation fee of 5 EUR per person (up to 16 years free) and a responsible attitude towards security!

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Address: Rīgas iela 10a, Salacgrīva
Phone number: +371 26463025
Email: visitsalacgriva@limbazunovads.lv
Homepage: www.visitsalacgriva.lv