Ecstatic Journey of Music and Dance in Svētupe Manor

On June 11 in Svētupe manor complex 2 unforgettable concerts:

The Journey of the Magic Sound - Ocean of Sound - Joseph Pepe Danza

Joseph Pepe Danza is a percussionist, multi-instrumentalist who aims to break down geographical, spiritual and musical boundaries. Living, studying and performing in South America, the United States, Europe, Asia, Japan, Africa and Indonesia, Pepe has a wide range of intercultural diversity. His musical experience blends harmoniously with his spiritual quest, which includes extensive experience in the Gurdjieff system, Sufism, Daoism, Yoga and Buddhism.

An ecstatic dance tour with Charlie Vas with the band Joseph Pepe Danza.

Charlie Vas is a world traveler, mystery practitioner, singer and composer.

Charlie currently lives in Latvia, where he participates and conducts retreats, private meditation sessions and various musical events.Charlie's perception of music is more than just a concert.

He uses it as a method of healing and a connection to inner love.Together with their group and energetic, uplifting performances, the deepest strings of the soul are touched through music.


Tickets for the event can be purchased HERE.
''Special invitation to the residents of the county'':
You can receive an invitation for the "special price" in 3 places:
  • Salacgriva Tourism Information Center, Rigas Street 10a, Salacgriva;
  • Kebab cafe "Kaste", Vilnu Street 2, Salacgriva;
  • In the shop "Created by the Sea", Rigas Street 13, Salacgriva;

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