Atrašanās vieta
Lat: 57.687485, Lon: 24.363771


If you are determined to rest from the  big city bustle and noise, enjoy the sun and the sea, breathe in the scent of the pine forest, witness the lamprey fishing in Svētupe river, go pick mushrooms, take a ride with a bike or with skis in winter, in t spring to be carried away by the high waters of Svētupe river, feel the scent of freshly smoked fish, then you must plan your holidays either with friends or family, and go to the sunset seashore – ‘’Vējavas’’. ‘’Vējavas is a former fishermen's farmstead with its cultural history, aura and magic, which was built by the name ‘’Lejasozoli’’. The holiday house buildings are restored, keeping the authentic style.

Not far from the guest house ‘’Vējavas’’ is located the Svētupe river lamprey weir, where you can learn everything about the lamprey fishing (from August to October), as well as taste the Svētupe river delicacy, cooked on coals.

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Address: Vējavas, Salacgrīva, Limbažu novads
Phone number: +371 26 463 252