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Lat: 57.697231, Lon: 24.351711


The Holiday House is available for rent only as a whole unit. It is suitable for families with children and their friends, as well as for summer holiday camps.

On the ground floor of the Holiday House there is a fireplace, a relaxation space, a kitchen with a large dining table in the middle. The downstairs living area has a sound system and a projector. There is also a Satellite TV and a Wireless Internet connection. The kitchen has an electric cooker, an oven, a dishwasher, a fridge and a microwave. There are also dishes and other cooking materials available for a maximum of 30 people.

fire-heated sauna is situated close to the living area. It is possible to rinse down after your sauna session in a shower or run (even advisable!) to the refreshing pond.

On the top floor of the Holiday House there are two detached rooms and one walking through room. There are 12 bed spaces in total (2 double beds and 8 single beds) and additional 20 mattresses for sleeping on the floor. Next to the bedrooms, there is a bathroom together with WC as well as a separate WC. There is also a washing machine available for our guests.

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Address: „Kosīši”, Salacgrīvas pag., Limbažu novads
Phone number: +371 29 479 426