Hotel Pernigele and Grill House

Since ancient times, surrounded by manors, Jelgavkrasti has had a building as important to social life as the Pernigele pub. Even today, when the place has passed into the hands of new owners, its essence and task have not changed - to be a place where you can eat, drink and relax.To meet in a place where time stops and there is always a desire to return here. The previously known "Pub Pernigele" is witnessing re-opening this year, being reborn in a new, modern concept and becoming "Grill House & Hotel PERNIGELE", which is located in Liepupe parish, Jelgavkrasti, on the side of the Tallinn highway - 60 km from Riga and 3 km from the sea coast. "Grill House & Hotel Pernigele" is a place with the ancient breath of history, where classic values are intertwined with modern elements in a unified flow of time.It is a place where the voices of birds sing with the chirping of grasshoppers and where the rays of the sun in the evening light frame the space and the people met here.

In Pernigele, you will be able to enjoy a high-quality, delicious and healthy meal from dishes that are characterized by various, nuanced combinations of flavors. Whatever you choose from our menu, it will always be fresh, juicy, crispy, just like fried or grilled. Prepared with responsibility and love for what we offer on the plate and put in our stomachs. Enjoy your meal!

The hotel has 20 well-furnished rooms (45 beds).For celebrations and enjoying a meal, we offer spacious restaurant rooms on two floors, as well as a cozy outdoor terrace in the summer season.In Pernigele it is possible to hold corporate events, sports games, various celebrations, banquets.

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Address: “Jelgavkrasti”, Jelgavkrasti, Liepupes pagasts, Limbažu novads, LV-4023
Phone number: +371 26154554, +371 26125137
Homepage:, Instagram:, tiktok: @pernigele