About Salacgriva

Salacgriva is a unity. A very harmonious unity that consists of 11 parts - Ainaži, Dunte, Liepupe, Tūja, Svētciems, Vecsalaca, Kuiviži, Korģene, Lauvas, Mērnieki, Salacgrīva - and is bound by the key element of nature. Holding on to this elements we always remember who we are. When you hear the name of Salacgriva, think wider!

And what about the municipality? You will find it here: http://www.salacgriva.lv


Now when you know the whole story, we can move on!

Salacgriva is one of the greatest places that can be imagined. The unidscovered pearl of Latvia and the centre of the Universe. The place where the sun shines the brightest and the whirls of snow on a frozen river are the strongest. We have four seasons - with mud up to ones ears, a skating track up to Isle Ruhnu in Estonia, fields of dandelions that reach the horizon and our beach - as far as your feet can carry you. 


You will not find the hussle of big cities here - with a great pride in every word the locals will confirm this to you over and over again. That is the reason why we are here - we know well what our treasures are.  If you are ready, we will show them to you! 

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