Atrašanās vieta
Lat: 57.589653, Lon: 24.371023

Veczemju cliffs

You’ve probably heard of the Vidzeme rocky seacoast – it is a 12km long section of the seacoast and the only place in the Baltic Sea where on the seacoast you can see sandstone exposures which have formed 350-380 million years ago in the Devonian period. At the cliffs a well equiped camping place has been created for having a rest and enjoying the nature. Thanks to the beautiful scenery, well known legendary Latvian movies such as ‘’Ilgais ceļš kāpās’’ and ‘’Zītaru dzimta’’ have been filmed here.


P.S. If you travel by car and wish to get to the Veczemju cliffs as close as possible, you will find a paid parking space there. If you do not mind taking a walk, you can park you car in one of three Vitrupe parking lots for free and reach Veczemju cliffs after a 6,7 km walk of park your car in Oltūži parking lot nearby A1 and reach Veczemju cliffs after a 4,7 km walk.
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