Tūja – Ainaži with a kayak

We are rich with waters, therefore we offer a more extreme and unusual boat trip – to vanquish the sea waves. To accomplish this task, you’ll need a sea boat and some creativity when choosing the direction of rowing.

When boating in the sea, there is a unique opportunity to swap the starting and finish points of your trip according to the wind direction – make sure that on the day you have chosen for your travel the wind blows in the back of your head!

So get in touch with the boat rentals, check out the weather forecast to know which direction the wind will blow and choose the starting point. In case when northern of north-western winds prevail, we suggest you start your trip in Ainaži or Salacgrīva or, in case when southern or south-western winds dominate, we suggest you start your travel in Tūja. Apart from this – keep your boat in a safe proximity to the shore and enjoy the endless sea!

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