Sacrifice cave of Livs nearby river Svētupe

The cave is located at the "Kuiķuļi" house on the right bank of the river Svētupe, 10 km to the east from Salacgrīva. It is one of the longest caves in Latvia in Middle Devon sandstones. The length of the main passage is 47 m, the other passage - 19,5 m. In places the arch of the cave is only 0,3 m high. In 1973 archaelogical excavations were carried out, coins and artefacts were found. In this cave the oldest given entry in Latvia is maintained - 1664.

The most significant cult place of the region Metsepole inhabited by ancient Livs.

As it has been concluded from ancient records - the more often foreign warriors invaded Salaca river, occupying Salaca castle or plundering the nearby lands, the more often people brought their sacifices to the cave in order to turn to God and ask for its mercy. Most probably, this is one of the reasons why ancient magical carvings were discovered here,  in walls of the cave, for the first time in Latvia

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Address: Kuiķule, Salacgrīvas pagasts