Musical fingers

Have you had always secretly wanted to go to musical school, but so far it has not happened? Now you have a great possibility to discover your musical fingers – with no long-term responsibilities we invite You to visit us!

If you want to learn to play the trombone or the guitar, you will be greeted in the musical school by one of the greatest, funniest and, yes – most youthful music teachers from this area. He will then show you the basics of playing these instruments.

When signing up for a lesson, you will get along without any previous knowledge, also - don't worry about the instrument - Vitālijs will provide  you with it- the instrument, as well as the knowledge. One music lesson will be 45 minutes long and will cost you € 15.

What now? I suggest you call Vitālijs and apply for a lesson!

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Address: Pērnavas iela 29
Phone number: 28386545