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Museum of Ainaži Naval School

The compact and idyllic town Ainaži is the cradle of seafaring in Latvia. Today, in the very centre of it, proudly stands the witness of the ancient seafaring of Latvia - Museum of Ainaži Naval School. Here, in a classroom by the blackboard the guests of the museum are greeted by the head of the longstanding naval school, captain Kristiāns Dāls. He does not say much - as we know well, waxwork is not particularly talkative. 

Here you will learn how the ancient sailing boats were once constructed and launched in the coastal fishing villages and you will hear stories about our sailors travelling the far-away seas and oceans. Maps of the town Ainaži, plans, diplomas of the naval school students, lecture materials, books, photographs, navigation instruments, tools for building sailing boats and everyday items of sailors will let you feel the spirit of a captain!

The special feeling that surrounds everyone who exits this welcoming museum, is pride of the great past of Latvian seafaring and its strong and brave seafarers.

Now it is time to go on a proper walk in Ainaži to inhale the footsteps of the ancient seafaring that can be seen throughout the town. 

Admission fee:

School children - 1.00 €

Students, pensioners -  1.50 € 

Adults - 2.00 €

Family fee- (2 adults up to 3 children ) - 4.00 €

Guide services - 6.00 € ( svešvalodā - 10.00 € )

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