Atrašanās vieta
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Ledus oga

Ledus oga offers;

To buy ice creams and sorbets.

  • 12 different ice cream flavors - chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, wild strawberry, lime-yogurt, tiramisu, blueberry, mohito, peppermint, maracuja, egg liqueur and yuzu (citrus).

  • 4 sorbet flavors - orange, pineapple, cherry and lemon (made from juices).


Production of IK ‘’Ledus oga’’ can be purchased in the shop “Made in Salacgriva Region’’ and at the place of production ‘’Apiņi’’, Salacgriva region.

Ice cream can be purchased in a 200 ml container with a spoon and in 400 ml container.

Ledus oga offers degustations for groups by prior appointment.

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Address: "Apiņi", Salacgrīvas pag., Salacgrīvas novads
Phone number: +371 29136634; (Līga) +371 20629585; (Kristīne)